B-Cubed in the context of biological invasions presented at the ESENIAS and DIAS Scientific Conference 2023

13 October 2023

The joint ESENIAS and DIAS Scientific Conference 2023 and 12th ESENIAS workshop took place this week (11-14 October 2023) in Varna, Bulgaria. Marking the fifth joint conference between the ESENIAS and DIAS networks, the event centred on the theme of ‘Globalisation and invasive alien species in the Black Sea and Mediterranean regions – management challenges and regional cooperation’.

Among the conference’s participants was B-Cubed member Cristina Preda (Ovidius University of Constanța) who has a keen interest in biodiversity conservation and biological invasions, with a focus on impact assessment of invasive alien species and prioritisation. She presented an overview of B-Cubed and the role of the project in the context of biological invasions. 

Cristina elaborated on the project’s concept of species occurrence cubes and how the tools developed in the frame of B-Cubed can assist in increasing the effectiveness of invasive alien species management. These tools aim to make biodiversity data more readily available to a wide spectrum of stakeholders, including policymakers, ultimately contributing to more informed decision-making.

B-Cubed's two-pager and stickers were also available to conference participants interesting in discovering more about the project.