B-Cubed at the Joint EC-ESA Earth System Science initiative

11 January 2024

Recently, B-Cubed was presented at the joint EC-ESA Earth System Science initiative in Italy. The aim of the initiative is to collaboratively align and advance selected scientific activities between the European Commission's Research and Innovation Directorate and the European Space Agency, with a focus on enhancing Earth System Science to address global challenges in the 21st century. 

The event addressed the urgent need to tackle environmental challenges arising from population growth, climate change, and resource pressures, emphasising Europe's role in leading global scientific efforts. Participants were invited to contribute to the joint initiative by showcasing advances in earth observation and interdisciplinary science, coordinating collaborative research, exploring funding opportunities, and leveraging technologies and open science for a sustainable future, with specific themes focusing on Ocean, Carbon, Polar changes, Climate adaptation, Biodiversity, and Agriculture.

Andrew Rodrigues from GBIF took the opportunity to share insights about B-Cubed, focusing on species occurrence cubes. His presentation received positive feedback from participants, who expressed keen interest in the accessibility of these cubes and the methodology for creating cubes suitable for practical applications.