B-Cubed at the Open-Earth-Monitor Global Workshop 2023

17 October 2023

The Open-Earth-Monitor Global Workshop 2023 brought together European and international experts in the field of open-source Earth Observation applications in Bolzano, Italy. Held over the span of five days, the event served as a platform to discuss and test solutions to the greatest challenges in geospatial applications.

The well-organised workshop was of great interest to B-Cubed which joined the Earth Observation (EO) community to discuss, among others:

  • The big amount of data;

  • Data providers fragmentation;

  • Growing amount of analysis workflows;

  • Reproducibility and interoperability of EO workflows;

  • The FAIRness of EO data;

  • Upscaling of local workflows for use on global data;

  • Mobilising EO data and other data sources;

  • Development of standards for analysis-ready data.

During a session focused on biodiversity monitoring on 6 October, B-Cubed’s member Damiano Oldoni (Research Institute for Nature and Forest) delivered a talk about the spatial uncertainty aspects of biodiversity occurrence cubes. Explore his presentation ‘Biodiversity data cubes: spatial aggregation and uncertainty’.