Call for evidence: Have your say in shaping the EU Green Deal Data Space

18 March 2024

The European Commission has issued an open call for evidence as part of the 'GreenData4All' initiative, aimed at updating EU rules on environmental geospatial data and enhancing public access to environmental information. The deadline for submissions is 25 March.

Data plays a crucial role in informed decision-making across various sectors. Therefore, the European strategy for data emphasises the development of common European data spaces in key domains of public interest. Such data spaces, including the Common European Green Deal Data Space, aim to leverage data for priority actions such as addressing climate change, promoting circular economy, and tackling biodiversity loss. As part of this strategy, the 'GreenData4All' initiative seeks to update existing rules under the INSPIRE Directive to align with recent digital data initiatives and legislation, facilitating the flow of public data into the Green Deal Data Space.

B-Cubed’s coordinator Quentin Groom has already contributed his comments to the initiative, which can be accessed for further insights.

Have your say on the 'GreenData4All' initiative here by 25 March!