Exploring Science and Oceans: B-Cubed at the Ciência 2023 conference

7 July 2023

Held under the theme ‘Science and Ocean Beyond the Horizon’, the Ciência 2023 conference took place on 5-7 July in Aveiro, Portugal. Emphasising the interconnectedness of aquatic ecosystems and the pivotal role of scientific research and innovation in safeguarding them, this event provided an invaluable platform for the exchange of cutting-edge research insights.

With a dedicated focus on protecting and restoring the real lungs of our so-called ‘blue planet’, Ciência 2023 underscored the significance of collaborative efforts. Seizing the occasion to connect with a diverse audience comprising researchers, tech industry partners, and policymakers, project members Heliana Teixeira and Ana I Lillebø presented an e-poster, outlining the project's fundamental goals and scope.

Consult the poster here