Presenting B-Cubed at Data Week Leipzig 2023

30 June 2023

Data Week Leipzig 2023 took place from June 26 to 30, focusing on digitisation, data, AI and urban development. Several B-Cubed members had the chance to participate in the event, seizing the opportunity to showcase the project's vision and engage in fruitful knowledge exchange with other experts in the field. 

As the week commenced on June 26, an enlightening session centred around 'Initiatives towards Europe's Green Deal' took place, unveiling an array of projects. Among these were AD4GD, GREAT, FAIRiCUBE, USAGE and B-Cubed – each with its unique contribution to the Green Deal Dataspace. On June 27, B-Cubed's coordinator Quentin Groom chaired a session titled 'Data Spaces: Biodiversity' during which he again had the chance to present the project and discuss its role in improving biodiversity data accessibility and utility.

The event not only facilitated the presentation of B-Cubed's expected results but also fostered valuable interactions with members of other relevant initiatives, promising exciting avenues for future collaborations.