Presenting B-Cubed at TDWG2023 in Hobart, Tasmania

30 October 2023

The annual TDWG conference took place on 9-13 October 2023 in Hobart, Tasmania, providing a showcase for state of the art biodiversity informatics.

Among the conference’s attendees were several B-Cubed members, including Peter Desmet (Research Institute for Nature and Forest) who introduced the audience to the project. Kicking off his presentation, Peter provided a concise overview of B-Cubed’s context and its underlying objective. To support improved policymaking, abundant biodiversity data is indispensable. And while a lot of data is already collected and shared through facilities such as GBIF, there is still a long way from downloading data from GBIF to transforming it into actionable policy information. B-Cubed aims to standardise this workflow, making it more efficient and repeatable.

Peter's presentation then zeroed in on the concept of species occurrence cubes, shedding light on how they can support this overarching objective. Access the materials from his talk here.

B-Cubed promotional materials were also available at the conference, including a two-pager and stickers.