Quentin Groom presenting B-Cubed at the Eionet Webinar

25 January 2024

In a recent webinar hosted by the European Environment Information and Observation Network (Eionet), Quentin Groom – the coordinator of B-Cubed – presented the project's approach to "Monitoring Biodiversity through Data Cubes". The webinar, focusing on the Biodiversity Aspects of the Green Deal Data Space, also featured key presentations from experts in the field, including Pierre Bonnet from the GUARDEN project and Ivette Serral representing the AD4GD project.

Quentin's presentation aimed to shed light on the work of B-Cubed and its potential implications for Eionet  – a crucial partner of the European Environment Agency (EEA) with 38 members and cooperating countries playing a pivotal role in managing biodiversity data in Europe. The talk emphasised the limitations of traditional approaches due to data heterogeneity and slow processes. Quentin, therefore, proposed data cubes as a more efficient and reproducible alternative, focusing on their scientific applications in biodiversity and their potential impact on policymaking.

Stay tuned for a recording of his presentation coming soon!