Upcoming OEMC science webinar explores critical environmental insights

9 January 2024

The Open-Earth-Monitor project is set to host its monthly science webinar this Thursday, 11 January, from 2 to 3 PM (CET). This edition promises to delve into pivotal topics related to Earth Observation, geospatial environmental data, monitoring networks, and alert systems.

Follow this link to register to the Zoom webinar and attend freely!

The first presentation – "Thinking land cover change beyond carbon: estimating biophysical effects from satellite Observations" – will be delivered by Grégory Duveiller, Project Leader at the Department of Biogeochemical Integration (BGI) of the Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry. Duveiller, with a background in agronomy, forestry, and remote sensing, will discuss the far-reaching consequences of land cover change beyond carbon emissions. He will shed light on how altering the surface impacts factors such as albedo, surface energy balance, and local temperature. Duveiller will also explore the methodologies within the OEMC project that utilise space-for-time substitution to assess these changes through satellite remote sensing.

The second presentation – "The Swiss Data Cube - EO Open Science for Environmental Monitoring" – will be delivered by Gregory Giuliani, Head of the Digital Earth Unit and Swiss Data Cube Project Leader at GRID-Geneva of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Giuliani, with a background in Earth and Environmental Sciences, will showcase the innovative approach of the Swiss Data Cube in revolutionising the interaction with Earth Observation (EO) data. He will discuss how the EODC (Earth Observation Data Cube) addresses challenges such as Big Data and provides access to large spatiotemporal data in an analysis-ready format. Giuliani will illustrate how the EODC facilitates monitoring environmental changes across countries and enables more effective responses to national and regional challenges.

Register for the OEMC science webinar here and stay at the forefront of advancements in еarth оbservation and environmental monitoring.