B-Cubed launches a collection in the Research Ideas and Outcomes (RIO) journal

31 January 2024

B-Cubed has introduced a new open research collection in the Research Ideas and Outcomes (RIO) journal to increase the project's visibility and improve the dissemination of publicly accessible project outcomes.

The goal of the RIO collection is to broaden the reach of B-Cubed’s findings, including various project outputs like reports, protocols, methodologies, research papers, and links to project publications in other journals. All project articles are currently accessible through the project’s collection page, which will continue to grow and host a diverse array of outputs covering the entire research process and ensuring the accessibility of B-Cubed's outcomes during and after the project's duration.

Snapshot from B-Cubed's collection in RIO

The main objective of the RIO journal is to prompt a cultural shift in research communication by promptly and comprehensively publishing ideas, proposals, and diverse outcomes throughout the research cycle. The journal is committed to a transparent and public peer-review process, aiming to enhance transparency and credibility within research ecosystems and contribute to a more efficient research process. 

Check out B-Cubed’s collection in RIO here.

Read more about RIO here.