B-Cubed unites with other initiatives in a joint session at GEO BON 2023

20 October 2023

The Global Conference on Biodiversity and Monitoring – organised by GEO BON and its partners – took place 10-13 October 2023 in Montreal, Canada. Occurring one year after the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity and the Global Biodiversity Framework agreement, the conference addressed the significant task of ‘Monitoring Biodiversity for Action’. The central theme revolved around the development of best practices and innovative technologies for biodiversity observations and monitoring that empower policy.

B-Cubed participated at the conference with a joint session on ‘From Insight to Action: Mapping Europe's Biodiversity Initiatives and their Path towards 2030 Ambitions’. During this session, experts explored the practical implementation of the Europa Biodiversity Observation Network, emphasising critical aspects such as sampling design, open data infrastructures, protected area monitoring, and data intelligence. 

As part of this session, Lina Estupinan Suarez (iDiv) presented B-Cubed and its approach to scaling data cubes for Essential Biodiversity Variables. She elaborated on how the project plans to contribute to the estimation of species level Essential Biodiversity Variables identified by EuropaBON, particularly in alignment with key EU policies such as the habitat directive, Natura 2000 network, and the anticipated Ecosystem Restoration law. Access her presentation here

Furthermore, B-Cubed offered promotional materials to interested stakeholders attending the event, including a two-pager and stickers.